About me...

Hi, I’m Karlie! I’m definitely a talker so I’ll try to keep this as short as possible. I work full time at a bank while managing my photography business part time. I am lucky to have the most amazing man by my side. On August 4th,  2018, I will officially become Mrs. Kegley and I can…not…WAIT! We share a beautiful home on one acre in Trafalgar. Our home is full of dog hair, love and wine (the essentials). I have two fur babies, Heidi and Hank, and enjoy taking them on hikes and drives in our jeep. I am a “Jesus follower” and encourage positivity in everyone’s life. This is just a little snippet of who I am. Now on to my business…


My journey with photography started at 6 years old, when the instant polaroid camera was a big thing! I would clean my grandmother’s house, and as an “allowance,” she would give me film for my polaroid camera. Talk about dedication! Since then I worked my way up to bigger and better cameras.  In fact, it was in high school when I saved enough “cleaning” money to purchase a high-end digital camera, which gave me the honor to capture many of my friend’s senior pictures. After moving out on my own, attending college full time and working part time, this broke college student needed more money. So I decided to put my love for capturing others to work, and began my photography career. 

Fast forward to now, I am proud to say my fun hobby, and photography career, has transformed into a hand-crafted small business.
I love what I do!  Photography fuels the fire in my personal desires and I strive to continue in this path and one day hope to make it my only career. 


My goal is to reach others through my work. I love to see a story and I strive to capture it for others to keep forever. It’s in such gratification when I hear about how happy I made someone’s grandmother as she opens her gifted picture frame Christmas morning.  Or showing the love one couple has when they first get engaged. Your story is unique and I want to show it. I look forward to learning more about you and building a relationship! So, give me a call, text or email and let me be the one to capture your moment, your everlasting memory to treasure!


Trafalgar, Indiana

and other surrounding areas! 



(317) 474-7993

Karlie is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Trafalgar, Indiana, but is available for travel, take her anywhere!

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