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Dear Younger Me...

Dear Younger Me,

Stop worrying and stressing about the future. You are not benefiting by constantly analyzing, and trying to “fix” things. God gave you the trait of determination… Don’t overuse it. 

DON'T let these road bumps stop you during your journey.

It honestly doesn’t matter that you’re one friend doesn’t value you anymore... yeah, I said it.

It doesn’t matter that you received a bad grade on one of your tests.

It doesn’t matter that you can’t afford a bigger house.

The list goes on girl... 

I promise you, everything happens for a reason. That saying is SOOO cliché, but looking back now I promise you everything makes sense.

Freaking take some risks! Jump off that cliff, shut that calendar, and plan something different.

Don’t stress over something planned six months from now… Do it and see where it leads you!

I probably would slow down on the coffee and wine drinking, but let your hair down and consistently check to see if you're present in this world today.

Sister… Ya only got one life to live and God really desires you to use it! Don’t take that for granted. 

You are enough. You are bold. You are strong. You are a warrior. 

You are flawed but perfect. 


Dear Current Self,

Are you practicing what you preach?!

.... 😳

Shine on,



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