• Karlie Kegley

My Aha Moment!

My aha moment smacked me right in the face and it felt good!

While talking on the phone with one of my photography friends last night, I explained that I don’t focus on anything specific. “I haven’t found my perfect niche. I can’t even explain my ideal client”. My heart sank a little as I said those words. I’ve felt lost the past few months, thinking I am running in circles and not knowing what I’m doing with my business. “Do I want to focus on families or would I be better off with couples?”; The questions to myself go on and on!

That’s when God finally opened my eyes to what I’ve been looking past this whole time... There is no rule book! You are doing exactly what you want to do.

I’m not a photographer that focused just on families or seniors. My drive isn’t set specifically on weddings or couples. It’s on life. Your life. Your milestones. Your journey.


-If you just graduated high school, I’m your girl.

-If you’re in a relationship and you want to hang pictures in your brand-new apartment, I’m your girl!

-When he pops the question, I’m your girl!

-Need a photographer for your big day, I’m your girl!

-Having your first baby? Maternity, fresh 42, & newborn, I’m your girl!

-Haven’t had family pictures in years... you guessed it... I’m your girl!

You get the point, right?


The fire that keeps me going isn’t to focus on one area in my business... It’s to focus on you, no matter what stage you are in your life.

So, here’s to meeting each other, creating a friendship, rocking an awesome session, and tracking your journey along the way.

Shine on,



Karlie is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Trafalgar, Indiana, but is available for travel, take her anywhere!

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