• Karlie Kegley

Prepare for Imperfection

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

This past week I was blessed to spend some time with the Mead family at a park located in Greenwood. I arrived with some time to spare, so I scoped out the location and found two stunning settings to shoot. With minutes before they arrived, I quickly messaged the mom and asked if it was ok to get dirty. She was hesitant at first, mentioning that they were wearing white, BUT I know looking back now, she’s blessed to have had these priceless memories captured. Plus, one extra load of whites with a tiny bit of bleach doesn’t hurt anyone. ;) 

We walked the park stopping to snuggle up on a massive fallen tree trunk. They nuzzled together, shared a family style tickle session, and giggled loud enough to capture the attention from fellow park attenders. Man, that was fun! Our next stop was the creek where I watched them swing their little man in the air, skip rocks across the water, and sing baby bumble bee as a family.

I’m sure the wet booties from the tree trunk and dirty shoes from the creek wasn’t what mom and dad had in mind for their perfect family session, but those are the moment that I strive for. Those are the moments I desire to capture. Little snippets of laughter and genuine happiness is what my clients thank me for after they leave with dirty clothes and muddy toddlers.

To the Mead family, thank you for meeting up with me during the week. Thank you for listening to what I had to say about the locations, rockin’ your outfits, and relaxing during your time with me. Thank you for having fun and getting a little dirty. 

Shine on,  K.

Karlie is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Trafalgar, Indiana, but is available for travel, take her anywhere!

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