• Karlie Kegley

Rain, rain, go away... or don't!

Rain season is upon us and quite frankly I’m over it!! Too many times I reschedule a session due to rain to end up watching a gorgeous sunset... A sunset I could be capturing with my clients!

On the day of Jim and Stacey’s engagement session, we crossed our fingers, continued to check the radar, and kept communicating back and forth in case we had to reschedule. We were all a little nervous knowing we were pushing our luck as it sprinkled on our way there, but we were determined to make it work... and I’m glad we did!

Ten minutes into their session, the rain was just enough to take cover under the shelter. Lighting was tricky and it was something I definitely wouldn’t have normally gone for, but hey… we had time to spare and OH MY did those photos turn out gorgeous! When the rain broke, we walked over to the horse barn and WOW, was it perfect timing again. As I had Jim and Stacey cozy up near the fencing, someone released the horses. That’s right, released. I’m not even kidding you when I say at least 30 horses galloped passed them. NO JOKE!!!

Guys... This was all perfect timing. This wouldn’t have happened if it didn’t rain.

If the sun was out we probably wouldn’t have adventured under the shelter house.

If we reschedule we wouldn’t have ended up over by the stables.

We started our session with doubt and ended with excitement and unbelief at what just happened… And of course a little rained on!

Check out the photos below and tell me. Was shooting in a little rain worth it?

Jim & Stacey,

I’m beyond thankful that we didn’t let a little rain scare us away. Thank you for putting your doubts aside, trusting in me, and showing up with positive, go-getter attitudes.

Your engagement session was a session I couldn’t ever plan to capture. It was such a joy to have you two and I look forward to seeing how perfect your wedding day plans out. I have a feeling it’ll be magical!

Shine on,



Karlie is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Trafalgar, Indiana, but is available for travel, take her anywhere!

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